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Serenity – Did I make a mistake? (acrylic, abstract)



Above you see my abstract acrylic painting entitled “Serenity.” As I tell you my process of painting this, I ponder the fact that I may have made a mistake. Woe be to me! But mistakes are to be teaching mechanisms, so I’ll chalk this one up to being a learning experience.

Not to be discouraged, though, I am okay with how this painting turned out. It does give a feeling of serene peacefulness, which is what I was trying to say.



Serenity – First Washes

My first washes were horizontal and vertical, using cool peaceful shades of blue, green and mauve. I eventually added some darker shades, a mixture close to black, to enhance the composition.Penny-Bantle_Serenity_Collage-Placement

Some collage pieces were placed over the painting at this point to see what effect they might have.

Used dryer sheets are often employed in my paintings to create interesting texture. Placing the sheets onto wet paint, then scraping with a palette knife, can soften areas as well. I had saved some of these used dryer sheets with dried paint on them. They were cut into some interesting shapes and placed over the painting.Penny-Bantle_Serenity_Closeup_Collage

This is perhaps where I made my mistake. The collage pieces do seem to add some dynamism to an otherwise boring composition. I contemplated gluing them down and adding more paint to integrate them into the painting.

But my goal was to describe serenity and peace and I felt the collage detracted from those feelings. Had I used the collage pieces, I may have displayed a different emotion altogether.

So often, our decisions are based on emotions you have at the time – at that very moment. They are influenced by your surroundings, events taking place in your life, and how you, as an individual, are feeling. How you express these emotions is what makes you who you are.

My final painting expressed my feelings at the time. Looking back and regretting the process can only make one feel depressed, inadequate even. So next time, I will delay my decisions until another day when I may have a different goal in mind, a different feeling to express, and perhaps a better painting to post!

UPDATE 5/28/16: I did paint over this one. It just didn’t see to have that zing that I strive for. It did make a wonderful base for my new painting though.