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Merit – Getting Inspiration from Everyday Things



Finding inspiration for an abstract piece of artwork can come from obvious but often unnoticed objects. You can find inspiration in the bark of trees, in the colors at a farmer’s market, in the shadows on the wall…almost anywhere your eye can wander.

The inspiration for my latest painting, Merit, was inspired by an advertisement photo of various colored ribbons on spools. In order to not break any copyright laws, I have not posted the photo and my painting does not show a realistic representation of the photo.

Merit, Starting Out

Merit, Beginning of the Painting

The layout of the advertisement was used as an inspiration and I revised it to fit the canvas and conform to what I had in mind. The colors are not inspired by the photo as I wanted my painting to be much more vibrant. The spools were transformed into rectangular shapes and colors for the background were chosen with an eye for continuity in the painting.

Some breaks between the rectangular shapes were created with softened areas to give a smooth transition and a path for the eye to follow. In other areas, shadows were added to the edges of the shapes to give them a feeling of depth. When adding the shadows, I kept in  mind that the light source was coming from above left. This helped not only with shadows, but with adding highlights to various areas.

A bit of stenciling was added to the curved shape to add a bit of texture and interest to the painting. A voila! Merit was complete!

Now, I challenge you to find something in your everyday life that inspires you to make a new creation, be it a painting, a quilt, fabric art or wearable art, a 3D structure, a collage, whatever you like. Happy creating!