My Artist Statement & Biography

Having had my blog for awhile now, I realized you might like to know a bit about me. This post, then, includes my artist’s statement and biography.

Artist Statement


Peace Train

My true feeling about art is that it is, as they say, “food for the soul.” Thus, my path to creating art has focused on filling that need for both me and the viewer. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved artwork, both creating and viewing it. So I was inspired to not only create artwork, but to BE an artist. I love to share my artwork with others and hope they see something that sparks an emotion, a memory, or an idea.


Hunky Dory

My artwork is created with joy and love.  I strive to create expressive themes, focusing on design, line, shape, color and texture. Often music is an inspiration that helps me to exhibit emotion in the painting process. Though I do follow artistic “rules,” rules are made to be broken – within the limits of good design and what is pleasing to the eye. My goal is to create unique, interesting and eye-pleasing art that lights a fire within the viewer.

Pure enjoyment is awarded to me by when I am painting  emotionally and abstractly. I enjoy painting both expressionistic and impressionistic abstract artwork. Inspiration can come from the colors of a photo on a calendar, the shape of a shadow on an object, or something purely from my own mind. I never become bored with creating. Seeing my artwork giving others delight is the greatest gift I can receive.




My pathway to becoming an artist began in 2009 when I became inspired to paint watercolors. Over several years, I practiced painting, studying on my own and taking a few local watercolor and mixed media workshops. In 2015, I enrolled in a one-day Abstract Acrylic Workshop presented by Elizabeth Chapman, a nationally-known local artist. After being inspired by her work, I gave up doing watercolors and now focus on painting expressionistic and impressionistic acrylic abstracts. Recently, I have painted some small acrylic floral paintings, as well. But my main love is doing abstract artwork.




In 2012, I joined Studio 55 Fine Arts Guild where I am currently Treasurer. Studio 55 sponsors several exhibits, including yearly exhibits for Studio 55 members at the Botanical Center, the Nature Center, and the Library Center. The Senior Art Exhibit at Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts is held annually for all senior artists in the area. Studio 55 sponsors a Fall Exhibit and Silent Auction every year, as well. I have exhibited at many of these events, including a recent Studio 55 exhibit at the Sky Gallery at the Springfield-Branson National Airport. In 2015, I was awarded second place for my painting, Jubilation, an acrylic abstract piece, at Studio 55’s Fall Exhibit and Silent Auction.

My goal is to create unique, interesting and eye-pleasing art that lights a fire within the viewer. I want to give pleasure to others, as well as enjoy my own process of creating.


2 responses to “My Artist Statement & Biography

  1. These are gorgeous, and I’m so glad you shared them. I needed some inspiration today. Trying to finish out World WC Month and not feeling it today for sure. Thanks for your post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Laura. I truly appreciate your remark and glad I am able to inspire you a bit.


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