Pizzazz (Abstract Acrylic Painting)


Pizzazz, abstract acrylic 20″x 24″

Finally the holidays are over and I am ready to begin painting in the new year. Since it is such a busy time of year for me, I have painted three smaller abstracts so far. But in this blog post, I am focusing on explaining my process for painting “Pizzazz.”

Acrylic paint
Pizzazz, paint applied


Starting out, I squeezed some random paint in the colors I wished to use for the painting. I chose white, turquoise, ultramarine blue and cadmium red. These were applied roughly in a pattern that I had in mind.

Pizazz acrylic abstract
Pizzazz, first layers

Then I spread the paint around with a large bristle brush, letting them mix and mingle. Using a small cup, I stamped some circles into the wet paint and used a wine cork to apply and/or remove paint from various areas. I placed these circles in a more-or-less cruciform pattern to assure a nice composition. Though I wanted circles to predominate, I felt the painting might become boring if this were the only design. So I decided to use a zig-zag stencil in some areas to provide variety.

Pizazz with stenciling
Pizzazz, with zig-zag stenciling

Though the painting was coming along nicely, I studied it and decided it needed more definition. Lines were added in a geometric pattern across the painting using a palette knife and black and white paint. Some, but not all, of the shapes formed were painted over with a layer of paint mixed in various shades of gray. All colors used in the painting were used to mix these grays. A paper towel was used to remove paint and let the background show through in some of the areas.

Pizazz Closeup
Pizzazz, closeup

In my eyes, it was still not finished. I dipped my small cup into white, blue and light blue acrylic paint and added more circles to the focal area, as well as a few smaller circles made by dipping the wine cork into these same colors. Being satisfied with the results, I considered the painting finished. It reminds me of spunk and determination; therefore, I named it “Pizzazz.”

10 responses to “Pizzazz (Abstract Acrylic Painting)

  1. sandragravesmchsicom

    This is it!



  2. Reblogged this on artmark and commented:
    great painting amazing


  3. I actually prefer the very first canvas with its minimalist style!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. this could be the enchanting dream I might have had if I had ever got to learn my algebra in school! winning


  5. love those circular forms!


  6. Wow, really enjoying your work! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Penny, what type of substrate did you use for this painting? (I’m really enjoying seeing your process as well.) I just love this. I need to get more depth with my abstracts, and this is wonderful, so thanks once again for sharing.


  8. Laura, I just used a gallery wrapped canvas, probably from Michael’s; their Level 3, as I like the wider 1-1/2″ depth. Thanks so much for enjoying my painting. I have some posts in mind, but been a bit busy to find time.


  9. Thank you so much for explaining your process for starting a painting.
    I have been working on this most of the week and I really like the results! 😉


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